The Frisco Coyote Frenzy

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The Frisco Coyote Frenzy

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Parker.L.Lurye, Staff Writer

Dangerous coyote attacks have been plaguing frisco with five separate attacks occurring near Eldorado Parkway, striking fear into the hearts of many citizens of frisco.

The coyote was first encountered on October 26th where the coyote tried to attack a jogger, fortunately he was quickly thwarted by a passing by car. However he has grown more aggressive in his attacks and on December 17th he attacked two joggers biting one twice.

“It just kept coming and coming” stated Devore, who is one of the victims

And this isn’t even his worst attack. On November 1st, an attack on a nine year old child who was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries.  These attacks are believed to all be committed by a single coyote who might have rabies, unfortunately we won’t know for certain until he’s been captured. In the meantime the police have issued these guidelines for staying safe.

  • Consider altering your plans for walking or jogging in the area until the aggressive coyote is captured
  • If you walk or jog in the area, consider carrying something that makes a loud noise to scare off an animal, such as an air horn or whistle
  • Avoid walking small pets in the area until the coyote is captured
  • If you walk a small animal, be sure it is on a leash
  • Do not allow domesticated animals to roam free
  • Do not approach or feed wildlife, and keep trash in a secure container

An update on this story; A coyote has recently been captured thanks to the Texas parks and wildlife department and while it’s currently unknown if this is the coyote that’s been terrorising Frisco, the police believe it to be the likely culprit and have sent it to be tested for various diseases.