Swinging Into Tennis Offseason


Roshni Manikandan, Staff Writer

Varsity tennis player, Kat Ramkumar, gives us insight on how the team has grown as a family, her individual desires for her goals in tennis, and what the tennis team is up to during their offseason.

Warrior tennis is working hard on their offseason time to improve and win tournaments for next season. The team continues to help and strengthen the people who are struggling and are very motivational to encourage each other to do their best. Prominent players for the boys are Ritvik Ramakrishnan and Sean Lawrence and for the girls they are Ioanna Stavrou and Ashna Patel.

“We started off the year without knowing each other, but now we help each other do the best we can.”

Everyone has a special connection to the sport they play and have a unique reason for why they chose the sport.

“Tennis is important to me because I’ve done it all my life,” Kat says, “I love playing and the feeling of winning points and matches.”

More than playing as an individual, working as a team and cooperating are important skills to play a sport.

“The courts are always full of adrenaline and determination. The people are really nice and we all love each other.”

To find more information about the tennis team you can go to this link, https://sites.google.com/view/warriortennis/memorial-tennis/upcoming-info?authuser=0. Currently the girls team is short of people, so if you sign up next year you also can be a part of this wonderful and talented family.

“We encourage each other to do our best everyday. Everyone is really motivational and has tried to help struggling people.”