No Mas! Too Much Homework is a No

Bri Martinez

When will it be enough? The amount of homework being assigned to high schoolers is getting out of control.

I myself being a high schooler knows how stressful it gets to be with too much homework being assigned. First of all, the way I see it is the more homework teachers assign the smaller the probability is to students actually getting it done. Sometimes especially close to the end of a semester teachers tend to pile on too much homework. This one time before Christmas break I had three projects due, one research report, an essay, and a presentation all due in the same week I found myself only getting around four hours of sleep, if I got lucky. Sleepless nights at a cost, just to get me by with homework grades. In my opinion studying that late did not help me, so tired my brain couldn’t retain all or any of the information.

School and too much homework tend to cause a lot of stress on teens sometimes causing sleep deprivation. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need between eight and 10 hours of sleep each night, but only 15 percent are even close to getting to that amount. During the school week, most teens only get around six hours of sleep a night.

Let’s discuss the amount of time students should spend on homework. According to the National PTA and National Education Association, students should only do about “10 minutes” of homework per night per grade level. Yeah, I’m shocked too. But studies show teens are doing a lot more than that. Polls taken by the organization Statistic brain showed teens spending an average of more than three hours of homework each school night. The amount of time high schoolers spend on homework should be limited.

Now let’s not forget all the types of homework we get we all have had that teacher that’s like Miss Trunchbull from the movie Matilda and assigns way too much homework. No one wants to admit homework is a necessity although some homework is a good thing. Depending on the type, if its homework to just keep us busy, shame on the teacher that’s just a waste of time. we have other classes we have homework that we need to do. If it’s homework that has a purpose im all for it, homework helps us retain information. Homework is meant to be a supplemental teaching tool.

Not only does too much homework leave a student completely lost but also stresses out the parents. Often students go home lost because they haven’t fully grasped a concept. I know that’s always me in math I say that with no intent to throw shade at my math teacher, but math is one of the trickiest subjects out there. Now imagine the parents of the child, when your kid ask you for help on a subject you haven’t encountered in a while and you’re at a total blank; that can be really frustrating

In conclusion, too much homework is a time killer minutes turn into hours and hours turn into sleepless nights. For everyone’s sake teachers should assign less homework. Not only will we retain more information but also give us more sleep and less papers for teachers to grade.