Senioritis: Coming to students everywhere

Jenna Williams, Writer

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Lacks of concern, procrastination, and low energy are emotional and physical obstacles that all high schoolers may experience at some point, especially seniors. Senioritis is a real problem that’s affecting students everywhere and I feel that it needs to be addressed.

Senioritis: a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a major decline in motivation or performance. So is this even a real thing, or is it just an excuse to be lazy?

Some symptoms of senioritis that may start to appear throughout students are frequent naps, excessive daydreaming, unmotivated attitudes, lack of concern for grades or appearance, and more. “School counselors are intimately aware of the causes, symptoms, and potential negative consequences of senioritis” says Lisa Suzuki, Associate Professor of Applied Psychology and Counseling at NYU.

In today’s society, I’ve noticed that a great emphasis on academic performance is highly enforced by parents and educators, causing students to sometimes rebel and become unwilling to complete school work or study. As seniors grow closer to the finish line, their motivation starts to decline and senioritis kicks in. A study survey taken in New York shows that 45.9% of seniors strongly agree with the statement, “My academic effort will most likely decline my senior year”.

As college approaches, senioritis can begin to cause a negative influence on a student’s future when college acceptance becomes a less prioritized thing in their mind. ““I think one thing we could stress a little harder is that your senior classes do matter, even if you’ve already gotten into college,” Northwood High Schools Guidance Counselor, Telisa Hunter said. “I have had some students not get accepted to college because their senioritis started first semester, not second, and I’ve had students not get into colleges that I would have thought they were shoo-ins for.”

For all of these reasons, It’s my belief that senioritis is a genuine issue affecting students everywhere. While many may disagree that this senior slump is the easy way out as an excuse to be lazy, I feel that this is a real setback that students face that could potentially put their future in jeopardy, and it’s something schools, teachers, and parents need to accept and address.