The Benefits of Attending Advisory Tutorials

Every student likes a little extra time to hang out with their friends. Whether crowding around each others’ tables at lunch, exchanging snatches of conversation in the halls, or sending off quick texts before the bell rings, everyone likes a little bit of social time. However, the advisory tutorials should not be ignored or dismissed in favor of having fun and relaxing.

Some students feel as though they need the free time that advisory provides to relax a little before their next class, and that it helps them better get through the day. However, the rest of the day would be much less stressful with the knowledge that everything has been taken care of already.

FISD feels that advisory should be used for its intended purpose- that is, catching up on homework, taking retests, and otherwise improving students’ academics. This would have a myriad of benefits. Students wouldn’t have to come in early or stay late as often, meaning less early mornings and more afternoons at home. Grades would rise. There would be less stressing and more relaxation outside of school. Finally, we’d have more of these free tutorial days. The school has stated that, were it to see more students attending advisory tutorials, it would like to expand tutorial days to Wednesday and Thursday as well, leaving only Friday for pep rallies, drills, and etc.

For the school to trust students with that extra freedom, they must first give it something to trust. At the very least, attending scheduled tutorials will allow the school to place more trust in the student body and convince them to expand the tutorial days.