Is Closed Campus lunch really so bad?


Off-campus lunch is a hot topic within the student body at Memorial High School, with many students disagreeing on the closed campus policy during school hours.

From a students perspective, it would be pretty sweet to get to leave during lunch to go enjoy some good food and take a brain break from classwork, but from an administrators point of view, this would not be a practical or safe idea, having the students best interest in mind.

In the FISD Memorial High School Student Handbook, the districts’ closed campus policy is listed toward the very beginning, stating that, “Memorial High School is a closed campus. During the lunch periods, students are to remain in the cafeteria. All other areas are considered unauthorized areas. Students are not permitted off campus at any time unless a parent/guardian provides a written request”.

While running to Chick-fil-A during lunch with friends would be fun, it is best that students stay on campus to eat lunch in the cafeteria to ensure student safety and less tardies for remaining classes after lunch. Closed campus lunch policy isn’t really as bad as it seems. I’ve heard the cheese sticks are awesome, but you can always bring your lunch too!