Why Canvas is your best friend


Most schools have begun to use the cloud based learning system better known as Canvas. Canvas can be an amazing platform for student-teacher interactions combine that with easily shareable information such as slides or worksheets and you get a great tool for teachers and students alike.

However most people students in particular, don’t like canvas and that could be due to the fact that “Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” -Mary Shelley and she’s right which could be why canvas has gotten such a bad rap. Not only that, but a lot of students and some teachers haven’t figured out how to work this new platform leading to quite a bit of confusion. Nevertheless if you can bear with it and learn it canvas will become a great tool for teachers and students.

In conclusion students and teachers seem to be struggling with learning the new software that’s been placed in front of them, but if you can stick with it, in the long run canvas is certain to become your best friend.