Why Rebel Against ID’s?

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ID badges are important in this day and age to provide security in schools, as stated in the Frisco ISD Memorial High School handbook. ID’s can help teachers and staff identify if a certain person is supposed to be in the school or not. Many people come in and out of school for reasonable purposes, such as photographers for school pictures, electricians, or advisors, etc. It’s easier to determine visitors and students from people who don’t have permission to be in the school.

ID badges can also be used for school activities to make it easier for everyone. ID badges can help when checking out a book, buying a lunch, or getting into school related events. This way lunch lines become faster, since the kids can scan their cards instead of typing in their number. As well as, keeping track of the book checked out to the student. Lastly, confirming if the kid is allowed to be at the certain school event.

In conclusion, ID badges are beneficial to school in the way that they provide security and are a quicker way to do simple tasks. As much as ID’s are frustrating to wear at all times, they teach students responsibility and eventually ID badges will be required for their future jobs.