The Field Is My Second Home

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Alyssa Williams, a junior at Memorial High School, has a thriving passion for softball. She has devoted  her life to this challenging sport since the age of 5. She considers her team her family, due to all of the sweat and tears they have experienced together.

“Softball has a special meaning to me and I don’t ever think I could give it up” Williams states. She began playing softball at such a young age, and has grown to love it. The field is basically her second home, and her teammates are her second family. The amount of hard work and dedication she puts in everyday, expresses how devoted and committed she is to softball. As senior year is on the horizon. Alyssa is preparing for tryouts in order to continue to pursue her dream.

Alyssa has grown so close to her teammates that she considers them her second family. All of the wins and losses have led them to work even harder and grow closer in order to better themselves as a team.  “The bond I have with my team is unbreakable, I’m not ready for senior year” Williams expresses . Unfortunately, most of her teammates are younger, and she’ll be leaving them at the end of senior year for college.

Dedicating your life to softball is a remarkable achievement, a junior at MHS is on the path to this. Alyssa has a prospering passion for softball since she was able to hit a ball at the tender age of 5. The girls on her team aren’t teammates they’re like sisters to her. Alyssa has flourished into becoming the best she can be in order to help her teammates through the wins and losses.