Women Taking a Turn on Feminism

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The year was 1919, women in the United States finally receive their right to vote. Then in the Roaring Twenties, women finally took a chance to change the typical woman’s lifestyle. Women across the country modified the expectations, where women took place in politics, household, work environments, and in education. During World War 2, women help boomed the economy by handling jobs typically held by men, from building tanks and weapons to handling their finances. Over the years, women truly did change the mindset of what a woman could do. Later in the 1960s, women took to the streets, where they protested for equal rights, opportunities and greater personal freedom. These protests were a part of the women’s liberation movement, where today, we call it the feminist movement. Though, today, it is taking a different turn, slowly drifting away from its roots.

The movement in the 1960s was all about equality, that was the number one reason; equal pay, equal rights. Of course, women today are still fighting for the same mentality, though today’s movement has some negative aspects to it. Women back then, were modest, and respecting to their culture. They wanted to make their point without any alarm, or backlash. Some women today, (hint: some), are not quite as modest, they are more abrupt than they should be. Some women discriminate, saying that women are more superior, which is not true. Some women believe that negative things can not happen to men. Some women believe that men do not have to worry about anything; that it’s their fault for what women go through.

As a female, I do not agree with the movement today. Yes, I believe that movements they made, for example, the #MeToo movement, is important and wonderful. But truly what disturbs me is that some women in the movement believe some men cannot get sexually assaulted, or men cannot express emotions without an extreme feminist lashing at them, with following statements like; “You are not a female, you do not know anything about that, so don’t even try”. In reality, Men do go through things that women go through. Men do go through extreme events and measures. Men do get falsely accuse of doing horrific actions. Men like, ​Gregory Counts and Van Dyke Perry were falsely charged with rape, sodomy, kidnapping and criminal possession of a weapon, according to court records. ​Mr. Perry ended up serving 11 years in prison, and Mr. Counts 26. Later, they were found innocent and released. Men, like, Eunice Owiny, interviewed a wife’s husband, because he was not sexually active. Her husband then told Owiny that he had it happened to him and that it was haunting for him. The husband escaped from the civil war in neighboring Congo, he had been separated from his wife and taken by rebels. His captors raped him three times a day, every day for three years.

How can some women sit there and simply say that they want equality where their responses are so unfair to men who have not done anything at all? It is truly terrifying because, the movement was for women and men to be equal, meaning equality in each aspect and every mind. I am simply saying that maybe if women can take their movement back to its roots and their original intentions, maybe more men and women will join the movement. Until then, the movement today is not the same movement as it was made to be.