Mother Nature

As the morning begins, so do I
I look outside my window, oh where to next?
Shall I ever decide?
I hear the birds chirp, as moving machines pass my view
The smoke seems so dull, dark, and haunting
Seems like a poison is about to consume
All of the color from up above
I look up to the sky, oh it’s full of delight
Why would anyone want to ruin a beautiful sight?
On the corner of my left eye, I see a stranger
A stranger with a smile that shines up like a light
But a smile who doesn’t mind to destroy a life.
Not a life of a human, but a part of nature’s wonders.
He takes the tool of mass destruction, without a doubt
He hits the creator of air’s heart, with my own eyes I see it fall
Can I put a up a wall before it soon begins too far
Too far for my aching heart?
Oh, when shall we learn to love this Earth?
With all its beauty to spare
And all its creatures, that seems so fair
Oh, who can compare to mother nature?
With the sun glowing upon our smooth skin
With their waters beginning to clash again
Oh, who can compare to mother nature?
With their natural cites, and magnificent delights
With their winds that falls upon our tiny hairs
Oh, who can compare to mother nature?
With their clouds that seems to become anything that’s on your mind With their flowers, each one with a different sight
Oh, who can compare to mother nature?
But most importantly
Who would want to destroy it?