A New Day

Every second is a feeling
A feeling that one may feel on a Friday
Every minute is worth the wait
Every moment takes my breath away
Tomorrow is a new day from yesterday
Tomorrow is simply not a giveaway
Oh, I can’t wait to start that day
Each day is a new day, a new day
For all the good to come my way
For all the bad to fall away
For the endless nights to sway
To a beautiful melody that keeps me awake
A melody that seems it should be on Broadway
A new day
To see my love, I been dying to see since mid-day
Oh, how I miss the feeling of staying in their arms
A new day
To give a smile to one whose frown can cause rain
Oh, how the rain can cause the sky to become gray
A new day
To love each soul, before our souls become old
Old, and not a single ounce of color in their soul
A new day
To forget all the pain that changes the whole mood of your day

Oh, how the pain drains me with every step I take
A new day
I can’t wait any longer, wishing it can come quicker
But for now on I shall rest on in bed
Patiently waiting for a new day