How to Keep a Conversation

Do you ever try to have a conversation with somebody but it goes nowhere?

It’s hard to learn about a person when they only know a few words or have a limited vocabulary;  that will always be just enough to pass by, and without depth. Don’t blame them, it’s the life we live in. People talk through abbreviations and emojis. Times have changed, and so have conversations. However, you can keep a conversation by giving somebody a compliment or bring up timely news to talk about.

One easy way to give the conversation some spice is to give someone a compliment. For a thought, try telling them something that’s physical or something about their personality. This might be hard a first because we usually do this by just sending a cartoon facial expression through an apple product, but don’t be nervous just go for it. This puts a positive spin on the situation and clears the dead air.

The next option would be to bring up something in the world you’ve heard about lately. For example, If you bring up something about the government, most likely you’ll find out two or three things that you can chat about. You’ll discover a few moral subjects or even a person’s outlook,  or their perspective on things. From there, the conversation becomes easier and all you you have to do is speak your mind. Don’t try too hard or change your personality just to start a conversation. Bring up something you are interested in and go from there.’

Conversations are what you make of them. Conversations can lead into positive or negative decisions from your peers. When the conversation gets dry try to give out a compliment or bring up timely news. This makes it easier on you and your partner as well as improving real world communication skills.