What is Poetry?

What is poetry?

Is it a word that describes

What you feel or what you think,

Written out on a line

As if they were the words that you speak?

Is it the hug from that person

That makes your heart skip a beat,

Or the raindrops that hit your nose

As you walk down the street?

Is it the smile from the stranger

That held open the door,

Or the feeling of a loved one

Coming home from war?

Is it the words that you long for

When it’s late at night

And no words can describe

That nothing is right?

Is it the sadness that you feel

When you have to say goodbye

To the person that left

In the blink of an eye?

Because it is things that we feel

And things we can’t speak,

Poetry is different

For everyone you meet.

So even when you think

There’s a feeling you can’t define,

Poetry can sum up everything

With words between a line.