The Scoop on The Shield

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The Warriors here at Memorial oftentimes walk through the hallways unaware of the activities, opportunities, and events occurring within their very own school. Our new student led website is“The Shield”. “The Shield” offers an inside scoop of what’s new around school. Thanks to, students now have the power to an all access pass of everything “Memorial”! 

Students, teachers, and parents are often overwhelmed when it comes to the mountain of events circulating on campus. “The Shield” is occupied by stories regarding sports, fine arts, opinion writing, features, and more- and will be regularly updated and 24 hour accessible. 

Not only does it have articles written by our very own journalism students, but also is the number one place to find and watch our very own “Memorial Minute”, which is a short video news segment directed and produced by our very own media students. These students are also soon to be releasing a longer and more detailed show that will occur monthly, and is fittingly called “Memorial Monthly”. 

It is the hope of the Memorial broadcast, journalism, newspaper, and photojournalism students that this site becomes an outlet to express their creativity, and also that it becomes a useful and trustworthy news source to represent our warrior school spirit.