New Year Holds New Promises for Theatre Students

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Summer has ended, and in its place an already freshly served plate of homework, quizzes, tests, and if you’re in theatre, a new opportunity to showcase your talent in the form of a play. 


The play in question is titled “Arsenic and Old Lace” and is expected to make its three-day debut in October. Students who find themselves interested in being part of the show shall find themselves disappointed, as auditions are no longer taking place. Now those who have auditioned will be compared and contrasted in an effort to find out who will fill the positions. 


While the idea of late-night rehearsals, memorizing lengthy lines and even just trying out before a panel of judges may seem like a daunting idea, theatre teacher Mr. Bell ensures that the hours put in are all worth it for the memories made, “We’re a family and it’s awesome,” he says, “and it’s always awesome to work together with family.” 


However Mr. Bell isn’t the only one excited about the idea of putting on the year’s first performance in a jazzy fashion. Sign up sheets were full to the brim, with over forty students have signed up to prove their skill among a sea of young aspiring actors. 


This reason alone has scared some people out of auditioning, as Memorial sophomore Karalyn Brown states “There were so many people who are super talented” Karalyn says “and you know you’re good also it’s just competitive.” Besides the scare of heavy competition, it still seems most eager await the production of such a unique play. 


So although the days of lounging in school free bliss, spending hours binge watching Netflix’s collection of entertainment, and sleeping into the hot hours of the afternoon came to an end, students participating in theatre are promised a whole new type of fun. As actress Greta Scacchi famously said, “Theatre is a sacred space for actors. You are responsible; you are in the driving seat.”