Trending Topics

Once in awhile, some sort of event happens that becomes the #1 trending topic on Twitter and makes an appearance in everyone’s timeline for the next couple of weeks before something else happens that takes over. A few are popular for several days while others last a long time and become permanently etched in everyone’s brain. Here are a few topics that have reached that elite social status. 

The first is the video app Tik Tok. Since mid-2018, over 500 million users are on app. Every other ad on multiple social media platforms such as Youtube and Snapchat show a Tik Tok ad. On Twitter, people retweet viral videos that show up on the app, some good and some bad. Others consider it another version of the widely known (however sadly deceased) app Vine. One thing for sure is that Tik Tok is the new popular app that even if you don’t have the app yourself, you’vecertainly seen a video from it on some other site.

Another trending topic is Little Nas X. He has become a meme and an icon for his song “Old Town Road” and all four remixes for it. He first recieved international popularity for his country/rap song from, you guessed it, Tik Tok, when people dressed up as cowboys and played his song in the background. His remix with Billy Ray Cyrus is what made his way into everyone’s playlist that eventually broke the record for most weeks at #1. Famous bands and muscians such as Smashmouth and Mariah Carey, jumped on the train to say they are waiting for their versions of the song that added to the list. Although his song is no longer at #1, he’s our #1 cowboy.  

Finally, Popeyes. Fights, long lines, and even an employee being held at gunpoint – all for a chicken sandwich. Twitter-verse raved over the sandwich, even being compared to the beloved Chick-fil-A and some consider it even better. The hype was so real that people were selling the sandwich on Ebay for over $7,000. Since everyone and their mother wanted to try this sandwich, Popeyes came out with an announcement that all over the US, they’ve been wiped out of chicken sandwiches but will make a comeback later for good. The exposure of the sandwich may even be higher when they finally make their return. 

Although these trends are no longer as big as they used to be, they are still popular amongst teenagers and even some adults. The clock continues to tick waiting for the next popular trend to soar through social media platforms.