Nothing but Good Vibes

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Sometimes life just sucks. Even if you are fortunate in every aspect of the word, there will be the inevitable lows that come in the package deal of being a human living on this earth. For others, however, those lows span into years; those hard moments harden into every moment and the times where you have your head held high become increasingly shorter. It is these types of circumstances that often weigh one down and anchor one to the pessimistic idea of a never-ending story of darkness. However, for many people, and in fact for many at this school, this is not the case. This is not to say that they do not suffer impoverished or challenging backgrounds, but rather they anchor themselves not to their own pity, but to the things that they enjoy that help embellish their life. The things that we enjoy doing, from watching a favourite YouTube channel to traveling the word during the summer, are frequently the motivation one requires to get up in the morning. In this article, we celebrate the diverse activities that are enjoyed by people across Frisco. 


Sometimes it’s not what you do, but rather who you do with it. “Something I do that makes me happy- I just like hanging out with my friends,” 15-year-old Marques Watson says, “It can be anywhere, like the park. I went to the fair with them the other day. I just like interacting with them and seeing them outside the school.” Glee found in social activities is not limited to sociable teenagers. “I am happiest when I am enjoying time with my family,” 55-year-old Phillip Byrd, a resident of Frisco, explained. Evidently, happiness doesn’t have to come at a price; it’s not just the materialistic things that people often associate with joy. Rather people can derive a state of contentedness by just being around loved ones.   


The Memorial student body showed the possibilities for fun are endless, supporting a wide variety of responses. “What makes me happy would definitely be making new friends and meeting new people,” Memorial student Taveion Lazan Neaseman said, “Also it makes me happy knowing that I made someone feel like they have someone they can come talk to.” Other teens acknowledged the importance of the more trivial aspects of one’s day, evident by the next student’s response. “Enjoying the little things in life makes me happy,” Karalyn Brown elaborated “But a specific activity is honestly going to therapy because I can get my thoughts out and reflect.”


 Evidently, the limits for what one enjoys hold no limits. Depending on the person, you might find that skiing down the icy slopes of Colorado will always be on the top of the to-do list, while for others, leisure time is best spent on the couch in front of an engaging game of Fortnite. The importance lies not in what one does, but rather that they do it. Life isn’t easy; sometimes it seems near impossible. If you can find even one thing that you truly love though,  it becomes that much easier to face the often ugly side of the world. And in a world where that ugly side is becoming increasingly louder, those smile-inducing moments are more important than ever.