Shattered Dreams is Hitting Close to Home

The tragedies that have occurred from teen drinking and driving are shocking. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 

-Motor Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death from people 15 to 20 years old (2003)

-In 2002, 3,827 drivers 15 to 20 years old were killed, and an additional 324,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes in the US. 29% of these teen drivers had been drinking.

-About 3/10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol related auto crash in their lives.


The consequences that so many have faced from the irresponsibility of so many young individuals is made a personal reality in Shattered Dreams, a two-day program designed to educate students, parents, and the community about the serious issue of underage drinking and driving, by providing a realistic experience and encouraging participants to make mature decisions. The presentation is held before prom, where many teenagers are likely to consume alcoholic beverages. 


Shattered Dreams creates a dramatization of an alcohol-related accident staged in front of the school. While the entire student body watches, police, fire, and other emergency personnel will respond to the scene. The victim students will be transported by ambulance and helicopter and to local hospitals  while the deceased student will be transported by a funeral home. The drunk driver will be arrested and transported to the Frisco City Jail. Student scriptwriters, directors, and producers will create a film giving a visualization and insight to the actuality of a drunk driving accident and the weight of the aftermath. 


Throughout the day, the Grim Reaper will enter a classroom every 15 minutes and select a student victim, known as the Living Dead. When the program first originated in the mid-1990s, the 15-minute time period represented how often someone was killed in an alcohol-related accident. As students are pulled from class, a police officer will read the student’s obituary that was written by their parents. At the end of the school day, the “Living Dead”, crash victims, and drunk drivers are taken on an overnight retreat to enhance the learning experience.

Shattered dreams originated with the intention of saving lives and giving a better future to teens who are at high risk of driving under the influence. Memorial is honored to be one of the schools chosen to represent this program and it’s message. It is highly encouraged for the student body to get involved in this experience and take it seriously. When a driver makes the decision to drive under the influence, not only are they potentially hurting themselves, but also the lives of their friends and family forever. There’s a world of endless opportunity out there, and endangering the one future you have should never have to be an option.