School District Rezoning

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In some states due to the population of people they have to do rezoning often to make sure the schools in the area aren’t becoming overcrowded. Students may feel that rezoning is a terrible thing due to the fact that some students may be separated from their friends. Rezoning is actually beneficial to students because it avoids having school’s crowded which is a safety hazard.

Deputy Superintendent for Business Services Richard Wilkinson said, noting how growth and rezoning affects many neighborhoods including the one where he lived for 18 years.” Although many kids complain that rezoning will separate them from their friends they still have to see it from the safety perspective. The district’s overall concern is the student’s safety and education. They don’t want anything harming the students so they try to keep the number of students at each school at an equal number.

If schools had 2,000 and up students then the halls and classrooms would be overcrowded. People who use crutches and wheelchairs would have a hard time navigating through all the other students walking around them if each school contained about 2,500 students. The student to teacher ratio would be very high if students were filled in a classroom.          

Students need to be able to adjust to change so rezoning will help students deal with these problems when they enter adulthood. Students also need to realize that the district puts their safety over everything so new schools are being built so that the hallways aren’t overcrowded.