Warriors in the Dog House

It is the questions of all questions; the most puzzling and profound inquiry that has crossed the mind of nearly every student on this campus- when, if ever, is the Memorial Store going to open? Finally though, it appears we might be getting an answer to the age-old inquisition. CTE Marketing teacher Marilyn Walter fills us in on the details on the exciting new addition to our school. 


“Memorial is excited to announce the grand opening of Memorial’s School Store ‘The Dog House,’” Walter declared on Friday. “We are starting out small with just drinks and snacks for purchases. And the store will be open every day before and after school at 8:30a.m and 4:20p.m.” Students who are interested in visiting the newly-arrived shop will find it located to the right of the library. 


Reactions from the student body have ranged- from the ecstatic to the nonplussed.  “There’s a shop?” sophomore Olivia Frazier asks. However some were more eager to explore the enticing store. “I think it’s nice that we have something to buy snacks from other than the vending machines,” 17-year-old Karalyn Brown said. She too parroted Olivia’s surprise that such a place even existed, going on to say “ I might stop by if they promote it more because I kinda forget it’s there.”


With a continuous stream of tests, homework and high-stake exams, it is easy to let school boggle you down and perceive having to go here as nothing but a persistent source of stress. However additions like the school store help add culture to this campus and make the time spent here in Memorial just that much more enjoyable.