Quarantined Blogs – A look into the life of a teen during the Covid 19 Crisis


Tanvi Nair- Quarantined at Home

March 23

One of my favorite things about online school is that you have more time to do activities you like after finishing assignments in the morning. Today my sister and I decided to bake a chocolate cake from scratch(which we’ve never done before) along with some homemade buttercream frosting! I also like to do other activities such as watching Netflix or go on my phone and chat with my friends because we’re isolated. I like that you have the whole day to complete assignments so there is no rush. It gives me time to do activities or extracurriculars outside of school.

March 24

Today I completed my daily assignments and work that I needed to get done. My daily routine consists of waking up, eating my breakfast, brushing my teeth, and getting started with my school work. I prefer to sit in my pajamas because it’s more comfortable and I feel far too lazy to change.I usually work on my assignments for a couple of hours and then I take a break and go eat lunch. After eating lunch, I get myself ready to tackle some more of my assignments so that I can get that out of the way. I also like to take a break in between by

March 25

Today we were officially on lockdown, because the corona virus has gotten worse. Now that we are on lockdown and can only go out for emergencies, I am definitely going to have more free time. I got to play my viola for sometime which I usually don’t get a lot of time to do. I also got to read a book, which I never thought to keep time for. Now that I have more free time I am starting to take advantage of this extra time that I have to do activities that I normally do not get to do. My initial reaction to this quarantine life was excitement at the thought of not having to go to school, and having to get up in the morning and actually get ready. I’ve realized that we are going to be quarantined for a lot longer than I imagined, and it has definitely taught me the importance of social interaction and going out. Now that we can’t go out anymore, it makes me miss seeing my friends and going to school.

March 26

Today was a nice day to go outside, so my sister and I decided to go out and ripstick (basically a skateboard) for sometime. Although we can’t interact with other people, I don’t want it to stop me from enjoying the nice weather. It was nice to catch up with my sister and be able to spend some quality time with her. Being quarantined is a great way to spend more time with family, something I didn’t get a whole of time to do before online school.

taking a shower, so that I feel fresh and more awake to finish my assignments. My assignments have been fairly easy to understand and complete. All of my teachers use Canvas and google docs to upload assignments that need to be turned in, which I am very familiar with because we have been using it for a while now.

March 27

Today I had my weekly Orchestra Officer meeting on Zoom. It is always fun to catch up with the officers because we can’t see each other at school. We usually tell each other what we did during the week, and how we can make use of our time together and do fun activities online. We played an online game similar to Pictionary which was a blast. Spending Friday afternoons chatting with the officers makes being quarantined not so bad. It is almost like being in school in our usual meetings.