Living with Corona

Waking up, but not around 8, instead at 11 o’clock. Getting ready for the day, but instead of a casual outfit, it’s sweats and a shirt. Going to school, but instead of leaving the house it’s within your own living room. This is the revised life that teens have adapted to in light of the current pandemic. In my opinion, COVID-19 will forever be remembered as the era when time stopped.


For many, the strictness of enforced quarantine has brought with it much sadness in relation to concerts, parties, and other large public groups being cancelled. But for others, corona has created a whole set of struggles unforeseen by many. This has included many being put out of their jobs, which has made it difficult for many to provide for themselves or their families. Now with a current total of 1,081,046 confirmed causes as of April 3, corona has overtaken the world.


The city of Frisco, along with many other cities, has enforced strict guidelines to ensure the safety of its civilians that have included shutting down all dine in restaurants and activities that are not deemed as a necessity. While these precautions are meant to help protect the health and wellbeing of Frisco, it has come with the costs of many peoples financial stability.


Without work being a consistent thing for many individuals at the moment, it’s important that we practice social distancing and cleanliness so that school, work, and other activities can go back to normal as soon as possible. This includes staying in quarantine, washing your hands frequently, and keeping your house sanitized and isolated from non-family members.


This is a time that we will remember until we are old. It was the time where the cars stopped driving, the restaurants stopped serving, and the store shelves became bare. Use this time to reflect on yourself, call your friends, and self care. Read a book, go for a run, and embrace this precious time with family members. For seniors, from me and everyone else I am devastated that this is happening during the most exciting time of your high school career.


I hope that even through this tough and scary time, that we as a society can learn to focus on the little things in life now that our lives have been forced to slow down. This too shall pass, and we should all use this time as an opportunity.