‘Stolen Dreams’


When Shattered Dreams was canceled, the senior Video Production team was very disappointed that they could not follow through on getting the important message across to students about the devastating consequences of drinking and driving.

Through a lot of hurdles, hard work, communication, and perseverance, the team of talented directors, producers, writers, and actors pressed onward to finish a film that seemed otherwise unfinishable.

Directed by Kaylyn Wilson and produced by Zachary Wilkerson, under the coordination from Ms. Keck, this film has a message for all; there are severe consequences if you decide to drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking.

Teens have their whole lives ahead of them; future plans, relationships, professions, love; the decision has to be not to drive or ride with someone if drinking has taken place. The film is meant to offend. There are more often than not innocent victims of these poor choices.

There are many options for getting somewhere if you’ve been drinking. The one that is NOT the choice is to drive yourself or ride with someone who has been drinking.

‘Stolen Dreams’ premiering tonight at 7 pm.