Pakistan Finds Eco-Friendly Way to Tackle Unemployment

One of the infinite number of consequences correlated to the COVID-19 crisis is the rise in unemployment from professions across the globe. The sheer amount of job loss has already rattled once-sturdy economies and has threatened looming recessions on other countries. This stark effect of an even a starker causation proved to be mountable in the face of Pakistani determination however, as the country launched an ingenious way to negate the incline of unemployment. This April, Pakistan hired thousands of recently laid-off laborers to help plant trees to assist the 10 Billion Trees project.


In 2014, the Billion Tree Tsunami was launched by the Pakistani government. The goal was to help replenish the nation’s forests in an effort to combat global warming. In addition to restoring over 300,000 hectares of forest, the program offered up many job opportunities as it required a wide amount of people to support its ambitious endgame. Like many things though, it was momentarily closed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, adding to the crippling amount of unemployment. This proved to just be a temporary lapse in the program´s timeline though, and the Billion Tree Tsunami was started back up to help employ those who need it most and provided natural beauty for future generations to gaze upon.


While simultaneously respecting the demands of living in a pandemic (all workers must wear face masks), it is expected the program will hire triple the amount of people to ensure that 20 million trees are planted by the end of an exhausting 2020. ¨This tragic crisis provided an opportunity and we grabbed it,¨ climate change advisor Malik Amin Aslam told Reuters. ¨Nurturing nature has come to the economic rescue of thousands of people.¨ Certainly, this comes as a much-needed announcement of good news to a country that just recently saw it´s highest spike of infections.


When pandemics settle upon humanity, they alter, affect and frequently devastate every aspect of human life. Bringing about both the closure of hundreds of businesses as well as the tragic deaths of thousands of people, it is easy to get anchored down by what life has temporarily become. However the Billion Tree Tsunami in Pakistan is reflective of what humanity does best- taking an undesirable situation and growing something from it; taking the ugly circumstance we have been given and responding by joining in something beautiful.