Chili’s Curbside Pickup Goes Above and Beyond

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, restaurants have been forced to close their dining areas, leaving them to rely on their drive-thru and curbside pickups. My family recently ordered dinner via curbside pickup from Chili’s, located at 8250 SH-121 S in Frisco, and their service was one to applaud.

Chili’s officially closed all dining areas on March 24th and has been constantly disinfecting high traffic areas in the parking lots since. We were able to order our food through our phones, rather than waiting for an employee to approach our car and take our order like other restaurants have started to do. The menu options were slightly limited due to the amount of customers coming in and out, however, there was a fairly short wait time of around 10 – 12 minutes before we were served our food.

The employees placed our food directly into the trunk of our car in order to maintain the 6-feet social distancing standards. All employees working in the parking lot were also equipped with gloves and masks to avoid risks. Our food tasted just like it would if we were able to dine in the restaurant, besides the fact that it had gotten a bit cold by the time we had gotten home.

In addition to curbside pickup, Chili’s also offers contactless delivery, in which the driver will leave your order at the doorstep or any other instructed area whilst ordering. Overall, Chili’s went above and beyond our expectations for their service, and I definitely recommend trying their curbside pickup option!