How to Have a Wedding, COVID Style


When a little girl or boy dreams about their future wedding, usually they envision a beautiful venue surrounded by friends and family, topped off with a reception filled with celebratory dancing and energetic music. Never would one picture their significant other designated to a hospital bed surrounded by hospital staff- but this was the reality for one Texas couple as they tied the knot in the most unconventional way. Despite the oddity of the circumstances, Carlos Muniz and Grace Leimann went on with their wedding, showing that love stops for nothing.


One of the many foregone plans and ambitions that have had to be stalled due to COVID-19 are weddings, which are being postponed or even held on Zoom to avoid close contact with large groups of people. However when soon-to-be groom Carlos Muniz’s health began to rapidly deteriorate due to his afflectment with the coronavirus, nurse Matt Holdridge knew something had to be done. 


That’s when the idea for a hospital wedding began to be planned out. “The ball just kinda got rolling from there,” Holdridge told CNN in an interview. “A lot of people started volunteering for it. Before you knew it, every nurse in the unit knew about it and was trying to figure out ways to make it more special.” Perhaps it was this show of kindness and human devotion that led to Muniz’s miraculous recovery as his health began to improve greatly before the fast-approaching wedding.


When the day of the wedding finally came, the setting and virus took the backseat. Instead, it was the bride and groom who appeared in center stage-  Leimann in her gorgeous traditional wedding dress topped off tactfully with a medical mask and Muniz, looking dashing in his tuxedo T-shirt as he was wheeled down a hallway lined up with adoring hospital staffers. 


As vows and rings were exchanged, even the consuming dresswear adorned by doctors and nurses couldn’t cover up their smiles. “We need that just as much as they did,” Holdridge explained to CNN. Video of the wedding has been posted online, so a divided world can see that even in the strangest and darkest of times, love remains unconquered.