Here’s who has tested positive and negative for Covid-19 in Trump’s circle


At least 10 people in President Donald Trump’s family, the US government and his circle of advisers and recent contacts have recently tested positive for Covid-19.


Tested positive for covid-19  


Donald Trump (President)  

Melania Trump (First lady)

Hope Hicks (Aide to the President)

Kayleigh McEnany (White House press secretary)

Nicholas Luna (Assistant to the President)

Mike Lee (R-UT) (US senator)

Thom Tillis (R-NC) (US senator)

Ron Johnson (R-WI) (US senator)

Kellyanne Conway (Former counselor to the President)

Bill Stepien (Trump campaign manager)

Ronna McDaniel (RNC chairwoman)


Tested Negative for covid-19

Mike Pence (Vice president)

Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State)

Steven Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury)

Mark Esper (Secretary of Defense)

William Barr (Attorney General)

Wilbur Ross (Secretary of Commerce)

Alex Azar (Secretary of Health and Human Services)

Dr. Ben Carson (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development)

Elaine Chao (Secretary of Transportation)

Robert Wilkie (Secretary of Veterans Affairs)

Chad Wolf (Acting Secretary of Homeland Security)

Gen. Mark Milley (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

Dr. Robert Redfield (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director)

Amy Coney Barrett (Nominee to the US Supreme Court)

Larry Kudlow (White House economic adviser)

Mark Meadows (White House chief of staff)

Pat Cipollone (White House counsel)

Ivanka Trump (Senior adviser to the President)

Jared Kushner (Senior adviser to the President)

Donald Trump Jr.

Eric Trump

Lara Trump

Barron Trump  ,Rudy Giuliani