Texas Roadhouse Review


At least, once a month, my friends and I go to, Texas Roadhouse, at the Prosper location, because it is indeed our favorite restaurant to go to. Once, we get there, there is usually a long wait, sometimes up to even

one or two hours. But, once we get sat, the service is amazing from there. They have delicious, steaming hot rolls, that they serve you right as you sit down, and very kind and helpful servers as well. Even though,

some time’s our server takes a while to come back to us. My friends and I usually get the ‘Andy’s Steak”, cooked medium-well, with a side of applesauce. Which from my experience has always been delicious, with

no issues whatsoever. Their prices are very reasonable as well, resulting in my meal only being about $12, not including the tip.  Anyways, I would definitely recommend this place, to anyone who loves a good

steak, or that generally wants to just eat out with their family.

final rating: 5/5 stars