What’s The Deal With 2020 Hoco?


Due to the recent up-rise, of the Covid-19 virus, many schools and districts have canceled the traditional Homecoming dance, for this 2020 school year.

Which, does indeed include our school, Memorial, and many other schools in the Frisco ISD district.

Even though our school won’t be having a dance, it will still have the traditional homecoming game and dress-up week though,

which will be November 16th- November 20th for our Hoco week, and November 27th for our game, where we go against the Lake Dallas Falcons.

Anyways, since the Homecoming dance is indeed canceled, many students are taking it on themselves, having their own hoco with their own particular friend group.

Which can indeed be just as fun, knowing that you can still get dressed up, take photos, go out and eat and even go to a particular person’s house afterward to party, just like regular Hoco!

So I guess you can say even though Hoco is technically canceled, it’s still going on! Let’s just hope that this won’t be an issue at all during the next school year.