What It Means to Vote During the 2020 Election


(This article is classified as an Op-Ed. All opinions are those of Kat Ramkumar, and do not voice the thoughts of the Memorial Journalism Staff or Memorial High School)

Apprehension towards the 2020 presidential election is skyrocketing as the US grows closer to the fateful date determining the future of the country. 

President Trump and former Vice President Biden will be facing off in one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. Voting has never been as significant as this year, since the next president would inherit a plethora of responsibilities surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the abolishment of evident systematic racism and rapidly changing climate. 

Choosing the right leader is a stressful process for the American voter since the fate of the country is literally in their hands. Politicians claim to do great things for the greater good, but to what extent is that true? How efficiently do they follow through with their statements that they’ve made? 

Here is a list of events endorsed by both candidates and their stances on major political parties, which can hopefully provide insight to make this important decision. 


Donald Trump: 

  1. Has refused to wear a mask and has called the coronavirus a “hoax”. He has also been publicly xenophobic, also referring to the virus as the “china virus”. 
  2. Believes that the economy will bounce back after the pandemic with no lasting damage. 
  3. Engaged in a trade war with China, and has also promised to impose tariffs on European trade
  4. His everlasting trademark, “American First” has been repeated multiple times when regarding foreign policies and global campaigns
  5. He is a strong endorser of building a wall between the Mexican-American border, wanting to limit the percentage of immigration into the country, portraying America as independent. 
  6. He has actively worked to repeal the Affordable Care Act, resulting in citizens having to buy their own healthcare insurance or having to pay a penalty. 
  7. He does not believe the facts behind climate change and refers to it as a “myth”. 

Joe Biden: 

  1. Has worn a mask and has efficient plans to tackle the virus, starting us free testing available for everyone. 
  2. Has vowed to provide loans for small businesses and increase payments for struggling families 
  3. Has promised to restore America’s reputation in comparison to other countries, but still believes that China should be held accountable for unfair trade practices and environment. 
  4. He has plans to raise the minimum wage to $15 and create more energy efficient jobs. 
  5. He is planning to expand on Obamacare, making healthcare easier to access and lower the age eligible to receive medicare
  6. He is working to reverse Trump’s policies on immigration and reunite children at the border with their families. Biden also has plans to offer federal aid to “dreamers”, children brought in illegally during the Obama era. 
  7. He does not embrace the Green New Deal, but has outrightly acknowledged climate change. Biden is working to reduce greenhouse gasses and is committed to the Paris Climate Accord. 


These few stances speak volumes of the type of leader, these candidates will exemplify when in office. This election is crucial to the American people and can only yield the best results when everyone votes.

Polls currently show Biden in the lead, but there is a chance for Trump to get reelected if voters vote for him or third party. Voting third party is extremely disadvantageous since no matter the outcome, the third party candidate will most likely not be elected. Voting third party has always botched what would have been accurate results. This has happened multiple times in history, the most recent being the 2016 presidential election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

This is a reminder for the American citizens to vote, no matter who the candidates are in hopes of preserving everything this country stands for. The future is in your hands.