Homecoming is Happening

Memorial is doing homecoming this year and we will be getting all of its benefits through the month of November.

Memorial will be voting for our king/queen and it will be announced on the 27th of November at the football game nominations for your students of choice will start on the “5th of November and end on the 12th of November” and the final voting will take place on “the 12th of November and end on the 18th at 5:00 p.m.”, says Mrs.Renzenbrink, “FIMake sure to vote for your people of choice, but don’t forget about spirit week either which starts on November 16th and ends November 20th.On the 16th wear pajamas or joggers and get comfy, and on the 17th match with your homies so come to school matching. On the 18th wear western or dress like a cowboy, and on the 19th wear tacky tourist clothes and come “visit” the school.

Lastly on the 20th come wearing mums, garters, and Memorial spirit wear and show your Memorial pride. Be careful to be appropriately dressed for spirit week but don’t stop trying to make an amazing outfit. Do your best to participate in spirit wear and vote but don’t miss out on the homecoming football game where the king and queen will be announced!

“9th, 10th, and 11th, grade student winners will be announced at the virtual pep rally on the 20th and at the football game again on the 27th but the queen and king of the senior class will not be announced until the pregame of the football game on the 27th between Memorial and the Lake Dallas falcons” (HOCO student page)

The game will take place at memorial stadium and tickets will be 5.00 a person while also following the FISD covid game policy. Don’t miss out on the events this month and make sure to come dressed to impress.

Memorial will be selling mums and garters to students this year but if you really want to show up your fellow students you can buy “custom mums at affordable prices” at (mumsandkisses.com)The month of November marks our homecoming start but make sure while you might be focusing on the fun of it to follow covid safety rules and to be careful during the game. “Go Warriors”, exclaims Mrs. Renzenbrink.