Schlotzsky’s Review


A while back, at the beginning of quarantine, my nana and I decided to go to the drive-thru of Schlotzskys, which is located in Little Elm, to get some of their tasty sandwiches.

Once we got in the drive-thru, they had a pretty short line and we were able to order and get to the front super fast!

But once we got to the front, my nana realized the worker did not have gloves nor a mask on, so my nana asked why they aren’t wearing a mask in a matter to make everyone safe.

Which the drive-thru worker indeed did not like, so she slammed the drive-thru window super hard, giving us a nasty look.

Where, we never received our sandwiches, as we left unsatisfied because the drive-thru worker, acted very unprofessionally indeed.

Where, in conclusion, from my past experiences I would not recommend this place, based on how their employees seem to indeed behave, with them having not so good customer service.