Fans of HBO’s Euphoria had a lot to say about this special episode



On Sunday December 6th HBO’s Euphoria came out with a special episode after a year since the first season originally came out during summer 2019.  Fans of the show had so much to say about this as was everywhere on social media this past weekend recently Emmy award winner Zendaya has gotten a lot of support especially for this episode.


In case you’re unaware, Euphoria is a teen drama series about highschoolers dealing with their own issues as each character has their own episode and their stories are all interconnected. I highly recommend this show but be aware of the emotional and heavy topics while watching.


 Due the pandemic production for season 2 was delayed back in early March this year but that did not stop the writers as we got a special bridge episode ‘Trouble don’t last always’ instead. While we wait for the next season we got a part 1 of a 2 part story of the relationship between Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter schafer) that was seen all throughout season 1 through Rues perspective.This episode goes more in depth about what Rue is really feeling as its set during Christmas Eve and Rue is at a diner with her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo). 


This special episode had phenomenal performances from the cast as the show is usually fast paced. We got to sit down with the characters to unpack what was truly going on as we got to see that Rue’s narration is not always accurate, which was mentioned back in season 1  ,beautiful cinematography,and score.

The next part is already on the way and is set to premiere Jan. 24th 2021 as we soon get to see Jules’ perspective on their relationship.