Secret Santa: Covid Edition

Secret Santa: Covid Edition

Are you wanting to do a Secret Santa, but in doing so want to remain socially distanced?

Well, if so I have an alternative just for you.

I recently discovered this website known as, “elfster”, where, you start out by creating an account.

With you after that, then being able to create a gift exchange, just for you and your friends!

How cool is that! It’s also very simple indeed, once you click, “start a gift exchange”, all you have to do is name it and then add all the people you’d like to be included.

After that, if it’s a Secret Santa, it will then assign each participant, by email, with the person they received for the Secret Santa, anonymously.

You can also even make your own personalized wishlist, for everyone to be able to see, where they can buy from it and send their gifts right to you.

With, this site offering many more things aswell.

 Giving you lots of fun, while even having you remain socially distanced!

Anyways, if this interests you at all, all you have to do is go to, Home (