Smoothie King Review


Several times, over Christmas Break, I went to Smoothie King with my friends.

With each time being very pleasing indeed.

We went to the one-off of Main Street, in Frisco.

Where, we would walk in, barely having to wait at all, with there barely ever being any line with very good service.

I, myself would get the “Banana Boat Smoothie”, which in my opinion is very very good.

The only downside, to Smoothie King I would say, is their prices, because just one smoothie, would usually cost about $7.

But, whenever I would order my Smoothie, it would be out almost right away, tasting very good, to where I learned to not even mind the price.

Anyways, I would indeed rate Smoothie King 5/5 stars, continuing to go there several more times in the future.