What I’ve learned from the pandemic so far


The pandemic has changed people and the way we operate as a society  and although it has been incredibly sad and not fun to go through at all I have decided to see it from a different perspective than I previously have before. 2021 is a new year so I’m going into it with new ways of thinking that can maybe help others right now as well. 


  • Weak foundations we collectively see 


I’ve learned that things haven’t always been great from marginalized groups to clearly unfair treatment of people the way the system is set up is wrong  and with the pandemic we ALL were able to see it and hopefully  move towards better ways of interacting with each other compared to before we were always moving never really able to evaluate what’s truly going on.


  • Getting to know myself ..again


Before the pandemic I was constantly unsure of myself until I was able to sit down and really self evaluate. I can say growth and change is hard but I am not the same person and I’m sure everyone has come to this realization in some way. 


  • Learning how to adapt 


This was a big shift in our society and definitely not what we are used to but we were all forced to adapt with the situation that life threw at everyone and although we made it through it is hard some days but just know people are here for you.


  • Staying hopeful


I’ve learned to keep going  because I’m still here. I think of the people we lost and just keep going for them and myself. It’s hard to stay positive and we don’t always have to be but when i’m able to I hold on to it.