Chido’s Taco Lounge; New Coming to Frisco


There is a grand & new taco lounge, coming to Frisco, quite soon.

It is said to be indeed opening, around the middle of February, with no for sure, opening date put in place yet.

With them being located at, 6959 Lebanon Rd Suite 123, In Frisco with a zip of 75034.

They don’t have their hours put out yet, but we hope to see them soon.

This taco lounge can offer you a fine casual lunch spot, distinguished dinner, and even a late-night lounge.

With, craft tacos, cocktails, and much more!

They also offer their tacos at quite low prices, with most prices being just $7 and under, once you take a look at their fine menu.

They also offer special events, like, Taco Tuesday & Happy Hour! With their manager being a man, known as, Blaine McGowan.

Whom indeed has a unique mindset and is passionate about his work, “people like to play it safe, but we are going to be different, doing things that are out there a bit, while most companies like to stay in their comfort zones, I feel as if it’s my duty to get people out of theirs”, he stated. 

“A corn tortilla is about being fresh”,  states McGowan. “Other brands put too much ingredients in their tortilla, causing it not to be fresh”.

“ Cariasata & Jerk chicken taco would be what I would recommend off of my menu because they are very bold with their flavors, unlike other companies”, states McGowan, when asked, what he’d recommend off of his menu.

Lastly, “ due to the pandemic we are going to have delivery systems like doordash, and even offer curbside for those not comfortable with coming inside”, stated McGowan when asked if they would offer any delivery services.

Anyways, if you’d indeed like to get in contact with this taco lounge, or even would like to get more information, feel free to contact them at 469-200-5715.