The Murder of 6 year old, James Hutchinson


A 6-year-old, Ohio boy, known as James Hutchinson, died, this past Sunday morning on February 28th, when his mother, Brittany Gosney attempted to abandon him in a park, running him over, when he tried to get back in the car.

It was in Preble County, with them then bringing the body back to Middletown, where they live, and dumping it in the Ohio River.

With reporters also saying that it didn’t seem as if the mother had very much remorse at all. 

At first, the couple/ parents of the child, reported the child missing, heading to the police station.

But then after a while, they then announced and admitted he was dead.

James wasn’t the only child taken to this park though, she had taken James’ brothers and sisters there too, who were unharmed, with them not knowing what could have happened to those 2 children.

But it is said that the mother dropped James there and started to speed away as James tried to get back in, dragging him.

With them later when the other 2 children were asleep, taking him and dropping him into the river.

Hamilton( Gosneys Husband) and Gosney(the mother) were then put in court, having their bonds set at, Gosney (1 million), and, Hamilton (800k).

While the 2 other children, whom lived with the couple were removed from the residence.

With, Gosney never giving an exact reason on why she wanted to abandon her child in the first place.

She stated that she had a learning diability, not understanding what was happening.

But, that is no excuse at all, for doing this to her poor child, James Hutchinson, while we hope he is indeed resting in peace.