Twilight saga Book Review


I read all 4 of the twilight books recently for the first time and although I am sure everyone has stated their opinions a long time ago I will bring a new perspective to the franchise.

To start the story lines for all of the books were decent and as someone who has only watched the movies plenty of times it fills in some plot holes and gives way more detail to what’s going on which makes the story more interesting.

The characters in the book were slightly better and I definitely got more out of it. Bella did not have a personality outside of Edward in the books either so it was kind of a bummer to read as she would complain and get depressed over a guy she just met. 

I also did not enjoy how her father Charlie was treated at all throughout the books as he was constantly left in the dark about what was happening with his own daughter as he was constantly worried about her. 

The rest of the Cullen family was decent and I did not dislike them as much, Jacob was great in the first 3 books but got super whiny in the 4th, In fact reading Breaking Dawn was a chore and the worst one out of them all. There was too much complaining and not enough action compared to the others.The Volturi acted how they did in the movies which was accurately portrayed in the book.

It was interesting to think about  Bella’s reaction and how she felt about meeting vampires and how they were considered family to Bella .It was crazy how they decided to just leave her defenseless. I would be mad too as other vampires tried to come after her so I understood her feelings.Unfortunately that was the only time I understood her decision making.

However it was distasteful to see her use Jacob knowing he liked her and even though she did tell him they were just friends, she used that as a crutch to get what she wanted which was selfish considering he was a couple years younger than her.

I would prefer Bella to work on herself than to get with anyone and Jacob deserved better than selfish Bella. Becoming a vampire for a guy was also distasteful and if she had her own motivations and a personality I would like her more.

Overall, The books were solid in filling in certain plot holes but also left me with more questions which did not help. My favorite books out of the franchise were Twilight and Eclipse as it had way more action and the descriptions were more gory. 


Ranking: 6/10