Bliss nail spa, on Eldorado/Tollway


Getting your nails done is an art and once you have a style of nails you prefer, it becomes harder to get what you want each time. As an advocate for Nexgen nails, I went to Bliss Nail Spa off of Eldorado and the Tollway, in Frisco Texas, to see if it’s worth the money.

When you walk in you are immediately greeted and asked what you would like done. They ask for your name and for you to wash your hands before choosing your color. I loved how consistent they are with people washing their hands when they come in.

The number of color options was overwhelming but they didn’t make you feel rushed at all. Sam took care of me and did an okay job. I asked for a square shape and left with a coffin shape. The color was great but I’m big on the shape and was disappointed. The cost was $65 for the full set and I was expecting it to be around $50.

Overall my experience was very good and I will be going back but I will be asking for a different nail tech.