Q&A with Nathan Pheng, Top Golfer of MH


Golf has been around for many centuries, even in the 15th century in Scotland. Today, Golf has become a well-known sport for anyone of any age. Golf has also become a competitive sport internationally and academically. I spoke with Nathan Pheng, golfer of Memorial High School. 

Q: When did you start playing Golf and what made you want to do this sport?

Nathan: I started playing golf about 7 years ago when I was very angry that I couldn’t hit a drive over 70 yards. I would call it ‘love at first sight’, as I kept trying and trying until I reached my goal and that’s kind of been my mentality ever since.

Q: If you remember your first tournament, can you tell us what score you got?

Nathan: My first tournament was at Lake park in Lewisville and I shot 90.

Q: How did you feel about playing your very first tournament? 

Nathan: Well, it’s like a stepping stone. It’s a start to something that I didn’t realize would be something I would be doing for this long. Even though I did badly, I’m proud that I made the first step.

Q: How do you feel about Golf?

Nathan: To be honest, I only still play because I know I’m better than a lot of these fools out here. I portray a humble nature, but I do really enjoy being cocky when I have the right to be.

Q: Did it have any positive or negative impacts on your life, since then?

Nathan: Both help me into college and grinding is a struggle. Most people overlook golf as it is correct that it is not a “contact sport” but this game can deteriorate you both physically and especially mentally over a matter of time.

Q: How do you think you’ve grown since then?

Nathan: I’m a milestone better than I was a year ago and to me, that is all that matters. Seeing constant improvement is the reason why I play this sport. If I never saw improvement, I would’ve quit years ago.

Q: What have you improved over the past years while playing Golf?

Nathan: Working overtime over a lot of people and starting to understand how to properly play this sport

Q: What made you become the top golfer for Memorial High School?

Nathan: Being good at golf and I work harder than the average person. I have a natural drive to better myself in this aspect

Q: What inspired you to do Golf and has your inspiration changed?

Nathan: Seeing that I have interest from other people. Once I know I’m better at something than other people, it is difficult for me to stop.

Q: What are your plans and goals for the coming future for Golf? 

Nathan: I just want to make college as of now…specifically a D1 program. I’m talking with a few colleges but don’t want to go too much in-depth about it.

Q: What would you say to people that are starting or wanting to do Golf? Any words of encouragement? 

Nathan: If you want to do golf, you have to be determined to put the work in. The sport is fun but you also have to take it seriously when it’s needed.