Fruitealicious is a Go

Fruitealicious is a Go

Multiple times after school I have visited Fruitealicious with friends.

Every single time I was ecstatic with their service and my refreshment. 

We attend the one on Main Street in Frisco

My friends and I all get our boba and I always get Taro tea with tapioca pop bubbles. Each time, we wait no more than 5 minutes and can enjoy our refreshments quickly. 

On top of their almost instantaneous service, every drink I have tried from them has been close to perfect and has always satisfied our taste buds!

The prices range from $3-$6 depending on the size which could seem a little high for just a smoothie or bubble tea, but for the quality and amount of drink given, I believe it is worth it. 

I would rate Fruitealicious 5/5 stars and I totally recommend it to anyone who needs a refreshing drink!!