The Forest Game Review

I believe The Forest, on PS4, is a great survival/Horror game.

The Forest is a great game because it has an amazing story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. The gameplay is really fun, with tons of enemies to fight and a huge map to explore.

The Forest does cost twenty dollars to play but it’s worth it because The Forest has the same quality as a 60 dollar game, so you’re getting a good deal. The Forest also has a multiplayer ability which allows you to play with your friends and you can play with other online players

The story of the Forest is what really makes it a unique game because you’re on this giant island where you find out that cannibals kidnap your son and you are looking for your son on this remote island full of cannibals. Another reason why I love The Forest is the gameplay; since it’s a survival game you craft your weapons in order to protect yourself and get food, although it takes skill to get good, it’s a fun experience. The game does have some bugs and glitches that are annoying and it’s not on Xbox, but even with its flaws, it’s a great game.

Overall The Forest has been one of the funniest games I  have played in a while. I would recommend this if you’re into survival games and overall I would rate this game a 9.5/10.