Teen Relationships; Q & A with Michelle Nikitina & Alexa Eason


It is said that, in today’s society, about 57% of teens, tend to meet their significant other online, having quite serious relationships.

While the remaining 43% have met theirs in person.

With statistics saying that about 70% of teens have been in some type of relationship, with only about 30% seeming to actually be lasting ones.

Anyways, we are now going to be interviewing two teens.

With one having lots of experience in the relationship field, (Alexa Eason/AE), and one having some but little, (Michelle Nikitina/MN).

Q: Would you say that you have met more of the people you have liked, online, or in-person?

AE: I have met most of my significant others In-person.

MN: I have met more people in person than online.

Q: How many significant others would you say that, you, as a teen have had?

AE: 3

MN: 2

Q: Do you, have a significant other right now?

AE: No

MN: Yes

Q: What’s your personal intake on teen relationships? What’s your thought/ belief on them?

AE: I believe teen relationships are a good thing as long as they are healthy.

MN: My intake for teen relationships are teen relationships can be allowed if they are treating each other with respect. 

Q: Would you say it’s safe when teens date online? Meeting their significant other, on Snapchat, etc. Why is it safe or not safe?

AE: No, it can be dangerous when you meet someone online and begin to date because you don’t really know them.

MN: No it is not safe when teens date online because many people can pretend to be someone else. This can cause for many consequences such as kidnapping, etc.

Q: What was your longest relationship? Do you think that most teen relationships, do/ can last?

AE: 4 months was my longest relationship and I believe teen relationships can last when there is a good connection between two teens.

MN: My current relationship right now is my longest and it is 1 month. Also, I think teen relationships can last if effort is put in. 

Q: Have you met any of your significant others in person? If so how many? Do you think teen relationships tend to have better outcomes meeting in person or online?

AE: 3 and I think better outcomes come from in-person interactions 

MN: Yes I have met 2 and I agree that relationships have better outcomes by meeting in person. 

Q: What does a particular teen relationship look like? How does it go on?

AE: Healthy communication is the key to a good teen relationship I believe and that’s how you keep it going

MN: Trust is a key factor of a relationship. This is what will help the relationship move forward and keep a strong connection between the two. 

Q: To end this questionnaire, I’d like to ask each of you to share, one particular teen relationship story of yours. It could be a funny story, a stable relationship story, anything. Just give us a glimpse of your experience.

AE: One relationship experience I have is with my current relationship interest and Kaleigh actually got us together by randomly calling her contacts; when he called me pretty and after that, we started talking.

MN: One relationship experience I have is with my current boyfriend. Over the summer I had started talking to him but I had made a stupid decision of playing him. Then, the whole friend group that got created from this got into a huge argument because I did such a thing. Soon after he had gotten with this girl in the friend group. After about 4 months she had cheated on him. I had been very close with him while they had dated. Soon after I had liked him but this caused more drama because he had also liked me. Then after we started dating everything was good and now we are good right now. 

Joint Story From Both: While, here’s a story showing that some, online teen relationships, won’t always be the best, that both girls interviewed experienced together. During quarantine, the friend group met this guy online, who lived in Louisiana & they face-timed him all the time. With them now not knowing how, but at some point, he liked almost all of the girls in this particular friend group & almost all of them liked him. He was pretty weird & would ask them to send videos of them cutting off their hair, he seemed to have a hair fetish. He caused tons of drama for them, and they now have cut ties from him completely. This experience story right here, shows you how, meeting someone online, like a significant other, can lead you to not very good situations & experiences

Anyways, to wrap this up, as you saw, teen relationships are quite interesting but complicating. With that being a glimpse of Alexa Eason’s & Michelle Nikitina’s intakes! It may also be a great lesson in remembering that we have to be very careful in trusting too much when we don’t know the people on other end of the internet. Anyone can say anything or make up anything.