How to understand Planets in a Birth chart



(Note: This article reflects the views of Karalyn Brown only and does not reflect the views of the  entire Staff) 


Today I am continuing my article series on How to read and interpret Birth charts. I will go over understanding the planets in astrology and how it relates to a Birth chart.


How does a planet relate to the Birth chart ?

You may find it strange that the sun and moon are listed as planets in the following list. However, astrology works from the perspective of us here on earth – meaning that the moon and the sun are considered luminary bodies, as well as Pluto (which is no longer technically considered a planet).

Each planet in the following list symbolizes something in all our lives – a universal component of our experiences. They rule over different parts of our psyche – different desires, different needs that create who we are. Therefore your own personal combination of zodiac signs, planet locations and houses end up depicting a portrait of you. But for now we will go over what each planet represents. 


Traits of each Planet

Sun  Ego, Basic Personality, Consciousness, Vitality, Stamina


MoonUnconsciousness, Emotions, Instincts, Habits, Moods


MercuryMind, Communication, Intellect, Reason, Language, Intelligence


SaturnStructure, Law, Restriction, Discipline, Responsibility, Obligation, Ambition


NeptuneDreams, Intuition, Mysticism, Imagination, Delusions


Jupiter Luck, Growth, Expansion, Optimism, Abundance, Understanding


VenusAttraction, Love, Relationships, Art, Beauty, Harmony


MarsAction, Desire, Competition, Courage, Passion, Aggression


UranusEccentricity, Unpredictable Changes, Rebellion, Reformation


Pluto Transformation, Power, Rebirth, Evolution


That’s all when understanding the traits of each planet and these attributes can be used when understanding your own chart. More articles to come when understanding the fundamentals of a  chart.  We will discuss the 12 Houses next.