App Reviews

Lockdown: A must need app

By: Andy Rapp

The lockdown privacy app first introduced to the app store in October of last year is a must-need app for all phones and or tablets. Introduced by confirmed inc. on the app store along with being free (lockdown store page). Sadly though the app only supports Ios and is only accessible on the apple app store. 

The app itself is a firewall for trackers that are constantly monitoring your every movement on apps. It stops Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat from taking more personal info from you and making those confusingly accurate ads go away. The app once downloaded needs no setup more than clicking a button to activate and letting it do its thing. The best part about the app is that as it will block trackers it will let phones run faster on social media apps and save battery life by blocking unnecessary connections with data servers while you browse. 

The lockdown privacy app is a savior of phones and privacy. Its easy accessibility and use allow for it to be the perfect addition to any Ios device. Lockdown will save battery life and your privacy by finally stopping the hundreds of trackers that follow you around the internet which is why it is the perfect app for anyone who browses the internet a lot. Its usefulness is weighed in by the community at a 4.4-star rating and has my seal of approval too. It is a must-need app for any tech-savvy person and it will save much more than your privacy.



Yelp is a social site for everything local, when you sign up you can find the best business town. There are lists of restaurants, hotels, dentists, and gyms. With the app you can search different locations nearby and find places that are offering deals, add a photo or a video to a specific review and thorough lists of businesses that just opened.

In the US 41.9% of yelp users are in the 18-34 age, yelp is a multinational corporation based in San Francisco, California.

Yelp allows you to see how many stars the place has and people’s reviews about the place so you can easily find the best choice of where you’re going. You can also find friends that also use yelp.

Yelp also has some cons, sometimes positive reviews from the customers can be filtered out. Recent research suggests that reviews found in social networks and review sites like yelp may not be as reliable as people think. According to this study, 20% of restaurant reviews are fake.  


Yelp automated filter exists to protect both customers and business owners from fake reviews.

I Am Sober: An App for the Addicted

I Am Sober is a free sobriety tracking app that allows users to keep track of their sobriety progress. Created by I Am Sober LLC, ( ) the application is available on both IOS and Android devices and includes In-App purchases to unlock more features that the app has to offer. Recommend for anyone 12+, the app has a 4.9 rating with thousands of reviews and is #22 on the Apple app store in the category of Lifestyle. 

Created with the intent for addicts to track their progress, the app is incredibly simple to use. Upon opening the app users are met with a fairly straightforward interface that allows them to add trackers, name the tracker, and depending on what you’re tracking, how much money you can save from being sober. As soon as the tracker has been added, it will track every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year for which a user is sober of their particular addiction. However, if a user relapses in their addiction, users may reset their progress and start over. Every morning, you may also set a time as to when you’ll pledge sobriety where you’ll be given an inspirational quote that the app provides. In addition, the app allows you to communicate with other users of the app who are also battling differing addictions or battling the same addiction as yourself. I highly recommend this app for anyone struggling with addiction, I myself use the app, and seeing the progress that I’m making is truly gratifying. 

Youtube app 

By; Roman

Youtube is an online video-sharing app that allows you to share and see other people’s videos. Youtube runs on iOS, android and on the computer, so you can use this app on all of your devices. Youtube is free to download, but it does have in-app purchases.

Youtube Premium is a service you can purchase from Youtube that basically gives you access to no ads and Youtube originals. Youtube Premium also lets you watch videos offline, besides Youtube Premium all the other videos are free to watch. Youtube is used for a lot of things like entertainment, information news, tutorials, and many more. No matter your age there’s probably a video for you, with millions of YouTubers you can discover something new whether it is gaming videos or cooking tutorials. You could also subscribe to a Youtuber which allows you to see when they upload and youtube recommends similar content, but you do need an account. You can also comment and like and dislike otters people’s videos and that way you can express your opinion on the video. You can change the quality of the videos to make them look better and for people with hearing disabilities, Youtube puts subtitles on most of their videos. Youtube is also a career, you can post anything as long as is appropriate and the way you make money is through ad revenue. Ad revenue is the ads you put on your video. The amount of money depends on how many views and subscribers you have.

Youtube is a very versatile app that has many uses and it has videos for people of all ages which makes this a great app to use. Not only is Youtube an app that lets you enjoy videos it also allows you to make money. For these reasons, I would rate youtube a 9.5/10.    

Temple Run 2, The Never-Ending and Never-Boring Game

By; Ethan Ngo

Recently, I have been playing an app named “Temple Run 2” quite a bit, and it is a game that has allowed me to pass some free time. Temple Run 2 was originally posted on the Google Play and Apple App Store on January 16, 2013, by Imangi Studios, and it can also be downloaded for free on any platform, including IOS, Android, and Windows.

Temple Run 2 was designed to be an endless running game and is supposed to be targeted towards children trying to keep busy. The first time I downloaded this game, it offered me a quick tutorial to get down the basics, and then from there, I was all set. Once I started playing, I started getting the gist of the gameplay. Once I started getting better at it, the game became more challenging to keep me occupied. I was also given challenges to complete along the way to keep the experience fresh. The gameplay was accompanied by decent music and interesting graphics. There are numerous apps that are similar to Temple Run 2’s gameplay, most notably Subway Surfers by SYBO Games and Sonic Dash by SEGA Sports, but Temple Run 2 always just seemed to hit the spots of players.

Even though I have been playing Temple Run 2 for a long time now, I still continue to play and I still continue to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Review on Apple Music

By: Cooper Mendel

Apple Music, created in June of 2015 by Apple is a free app on the Apple App Store that lets you listen to 50 million songs. Although the app itself is free, to listen to all 50 million songs you have to pay a $9.99 per month fee. Apple launched the streaming service with the hopes of competing with competitors like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

My experience with the app has let me use it multiple times a day doing many different things like at school, working out, and when I shower. I have the Family plan so my dad and sister have their separate individual accounts. We pay 14.99 per month for three people, so we end up saving around $17.00. The only bad experience I’ve had so far was on a road trip somewhere and the wifi or my data goes out I can only listen to a select few songs. Besides that, I have many different playlists and I can listen to many different genres on the app. The app connects well with Bluetooth devices as well.

To wrap things up, I’ve only had that one bad issue with the app that if you’re off wifi you can’t listen to some songs. If we look past that one small issue I think the app is great and would rather use it over apps like Spotify and Soundcloud.

Blockudoku: Free Mind Game

By Cassie Pheng

As a senior in high school, there are multiple times where people have mind blocks whenever they’re in school due to their brain or feelings of being bored due to lack of stimulus in school. I think I’ve found the perfect app to help solve this problem. The app is called Blockudoku: Block Puzzle Games, where you combine blocks on sudoku grids. 

The developer is Easybrain. The platform of this app is in iOS. This app is perfect for both the iPhone and iPad or any platforms that are iOS. What’s great about this app is that it can be downloaded and used for free and at no charge. 

Blockudoku is an app that’s mostly used to stimulate your brain and make your mind stay active. This app is mainly used for high schoolers or any age group, however, I think this app is good for students mostly because it helps them keep their mind alert at all times and helps their mind focus more on school-related activities. 

The app is easy to use and understand, because it doesn’t ask you for personal information and just has the words “New Game” for you to start immediately. And after you mess up on getting a high score it will show you your last score, so it can motivate you to get better at it. 

This app is overall fun and easy to play with, but at times, people may be stressed about not beating their own or their friends’ high scores. 

The sound effects of this app help you know that you put a block or blocks in place of the grid and tells you if you messed up. The sound quality doesn’t sound scratchy and it’s good quality. 

This app can be used with people with hearing impairments and mental disabilities. The app will make their minds become active and make them think. 

This app can be used if a person needs something to train their brain to focus and think in more ranges of time. So they can play with the app to help them focus and help their mind think faster and solve problems faster. Making it easier for them, later on, to focus more on their tasks given to them. 

There are other apps like Blockudoku, such as Woodoku and Sandballs. All these apps involve puzzles for people to solve and keep their minds active 24/7. However, I think Blockudoku is the best out of the three apps, because of the design and simplicity of the game. Also has more of a sense of accomplishment when you beat your high score more than the other apps. 

In conclusion, Blockudoku is a great app to use when you need to help stimulate and exercise your brain. Also is perfect for anyone of any age and may help people with disabilities. So far I rank this app a 5/5 for brain exercises. 


The Popular App: Tik Tok 

By: Daniyah 

Tik Tok has become a very popular app within the last year. It is available on a mobile device to download. The app is now on version 18.8.5 and was developed by the company Tik Tok Pte. Ltd.,and it is a free app with no in-app purchases. 

This app is a form of social media where people can share a minute or less long videos of many different things. The app was originally designed for pre-teens to teenagers but over time there have been many more age groups that have gotten Tik Tok and enjoyed it. In addition, the app is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate for any age. I often catch myself on the app for long periods of time trying to learn the new dances or watch funny videos. Going more into depth about the app sound plays a big role in the app, there are many different sounds you can use to make videos which make be songs or even someone else’s voice, along with this you can also use your own voice.

The app also works for people with disabilities, on videos that are made many people include subtitles for people who have a hearing disability. Once you open the app you are brought to a page of videos called yours for you page, which is a page of videos that are chosen for you from the type of videos that you like and the people that you follow. Once you find a video that you want to recreate you either learn the words to the song or learn the dance. This app is overall a very fun and entertaining app and I would recommend it to everyone. This can be compared to Thriller or Reels on Instagram. 


Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! 

By: Emily Burkhardt  

The IOS game CrashBandicoot: On The Run! Is a really high-quality game from the developer King. The highest version of this game is 1.0.81 that came out only a week ago. I like the way you can play this game for free and still get to do almost everything the game can offer you. It’s even the #2 game on an adventure in the Apple app store. 

This game is designed just like temple run or minion rush except for the fact the design on this game is so much more advanced. Not only can you run and beat boss battles you can go on runs to pick up supplies that you use to help defeat those bosses. All the solo and team challenges will keep you on your toes. It’s circled around that this is for younger children in the 9+ age group but I feel anyone can play and enjoy this game. 

When you first get it there is a tutorial to help you understand how to play the game which really helps. There are items in the game that have timers on them just like other King games so you can play then do your daily life and come back when they’re done. The app is so vibrant with colors that I just had to click on it to find out more. There is sound in this game that can get annoying but if you have all the updates there’s an option to turn off sound or music. 

King did a really great job at providing different languages that you can use so a vast variety of people can have fun with this game. However, the downfall of this game is how many updates and downloads you have to do. When I first got the app I had many updates that took a while to download and took a lot of space on my phone. This was the only downfall for this fun game anyone can play.


By: Gunner Harris

The app I’m gonna use is Snapchat, Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. Snapchat uses the device’s camera to capture snaps and Wi-Fi technology to send them. The app version is a social media platform app. This app was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University. The platforms it comes in are everything. The Snapchat app is 100% free.

Snapchat is designed for you to communicate with people and see what other people are doing these days. The app is designed for teens and people over 14. People that might like to use it are younger kids that want to communicate with other kids, you can also learn very quickly how to use this app and check it quickly within 30 seconds. Yes, I believe it’s fun to use because you can talk with anyone. The snap icon is kinda appealing but it still makes me wanna open the app. No, it doesn’t have anything to help with that at all. This app might be used if you see someone in public you like you can get their Snapchat. No, it doesn’t have bookmarking. Nope, you cannot sync information. Yes, you can share information with just a couple of steps. Yes, selected material can be pasted elsewhere very easily by just right-clicking and hitting copy.


Depop App Review

By Nico Ortiz

 Depop is a free online shopping app in which users can sell or buy anything fashion-related from other users. It’s considered an online thrift shop. The app was created by Simon Beckerman and has been around since 2011 but has become popular in the last couple of years. The app is available on all devices.

 The app is designed for anyone who likes fashion for all ages. The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate for first-timers. When you first make an account, it asks what kind of fashion you are into so you get recommended what you like. Depop is pretty entertaining to use and it’s fun to scroll down your recommendations and see all the clothes that have recommended for you. I would say the majority of the people who use this app are young adults. I think a reason why so many people use this app is because the prices for what you want to buy are really good. Personally, I have used Depop only 2 times but my experience using it has been great. The sellers that I bought my items from responded quickly, the prices were good, and the shipment was fast.

Review on Clash Royaleby Miguel Carrizo.

This game is available on all platforms where 1 million players play every day with other people around the world or even friends. If there was only one thing about this game that I had to say about this game, it would be that it was made for anyone who was interested, which is pretty much everybody. 

I’m talking from the competitive to the casual, from the nerds to the trolls, from money boosters to the free to players. I’m talking to everybody, and as a matter of fact, there are so many cards that are similar to one another but differ by just a little just so that you can find some comfortability. 

This game has helped me make friends during middle school which is really cool because we played all the time during school, and I’ve made really good memories with this game.

What’s better is that no other game does this, but it has not appealed to every person in the audience just yet and there are some changes that are requested. This is why this game is still being worked on If everyone still isn’t satisfied, that the game needs more work. This is how one gets closer to a perfect game.


Discord App Review

By: Peyton Biermann

Discord is a social media app similar to others like Skype released by Discord Inc. in May 2015. You can use Discord on computers either through download or the web version and on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. All account information and conversations carry between platforms, making Discord an excellent platform for talking with friends, which in my opinion is well worth it.

Originally Discord was founded to help friends talk to teammates while playing online games but then turned to be used for games, event organizations, companies, and big or small friend groups. Many other mobile games with multiplayer will have a server to talk with other players and get official news, and more and more commonly Youtubers or other creators make servers to talk with fans. With Discord having many features it also supports fans making their own servers, whether for a big celebrity or a small webcomic. Discord lets you join or make as many servers as you want, as well as one on one conversations with other users, and within each server, you can make different channels to keep conversations separated into sections, such as one for general chatting, one for images, one for venting, and one for using bots. Discord also allows you to add bots to your server, official and nonofficial to do anything from moderate servers for things like swear words, play music in a voice chat channel, or simulate things like rolling dice or catching pokemon. You can change your nickname to something different to match each server you’re in, and get roles to go along with each server, which can serve as a way to give your nametag a certain color, just be funny, or give you authority as an admin or moderator.

While having the ability to use all these features may sound overwhelming, Discord at its heart is just a way to talk to people you know or who are interested in the same things you are, with all these extra features just that, extras. Overall I can’t recommend Discord highly enough as a way to talk to others in a fun setting.


Tubi App Review

By: Rophe D.


The Tubi app ( was created by Farhad Massoudi in 2014. It’s available for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and the web. The shows and movies are legally licensed with not too many ads. 

Tubi is a free streaming app designed to provide a certain collection of movies and tv shows. Although the app is generally built for ages 12 years and older, there are other programs suited for much younger children (Ex: All Dogs go to heaven (1989), Baby Einstein Classics(1996), Super Wings tv show (2013) etc.). Maneuvering around isn’t hard at all because features like the search engine make it easy to identify what you’re looking for without spelling it correctly, there are also lots of categories to choose one from and the organization of where things are isn’t hard to figure out. The app itself is fun to use frequently and I haven’t personally experienced any buffering issues at all and the sound quality is clear and clean with no outside disturbances. The visual is quite appealing and I love the colors. It makes it stand out more, but the logo could draw more audience if it could show the movies on it instead of clicking on the details. 

A problem with Tubi is that it doesn’t have subtitles for some of its movies and tv shows. Compared to Pluto tv, Tubi has a wider variety of content. Another feature of this app is that you are able to save your data just by simply signing into your account on any other device.

Other features of Tubi include saving your history, recommending content, saving where you left off on a movie/tv show, and makes it possible for you to bookmark a movie. Overall my experience with Tubi wasn’t all that bad, they had a great selection of older movies and tv shows but wished they kept that up with newer content. 


   D’Mya Sharpe 

Instagram is a free social media app that was made in 2010 and is available on all types of platforms. The developers of Instagram are Kevin Systrom, Mike krieger (Instagram developer website). There are in-app purchases that you could purchase like clothing, shoes, and other types of products. 

Instagram’s sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience. The app was designed for all ages but mainly 13 and up. Most teens use Instagram more because teenagers nowadays want to share pictures with their friends and family. Companies would also want to use Instagram so they can promote their businesses on social media platforms. Instagram is a very easy app and is very easy to learn how to operate. Instagram is a very entertaining app to use because you get to watch other people’s cultures and lives. Instagram is also a great app for people with disabilities. in 2018 Instagram announced that it’s rolling out new features that will make the app easier to use for people with visual impairments.  

Instagram could be used for storing things by posting your videos and pictures on there and could delete them out your camera roll for storage space. Instagram can be used to sync different things to different devices. It is very easy to share anything on Instagram. It does not keep a history unless you log into your Instagram account online and not in the app store. You can save different things on Instagram that you might want to look back on later things in your Instagram collection. Instagram also lets you personalize your account and can customize things on your profile and pictures.