The Grade Saving Rule

Not every student can make a perfect grade on their test or do a project to full completion on their first attempt. So to be stuck with those grades could feel unfair if one ends up learning it better a little down the line. 

That’s why the Memorial High Schools retest rule is so good. It allows students to retest on subjects up to an 85 so that they can correct their original mistakes. The rule allows students to have a little less pressure on their tests while also promoting the reinforcement of the skill after it is over. “Melissa Legg, a middle and high school teacher in Minnesota, says retakes do allow students to better grasp material because they study more before taking the test again” (Washington post).  

But some could say that the rule doesn’t push the idea of focusing as much in class or it not being a good way to learn from your mistakes. But rather than students failing the test and instantly bumming out they can look hopefully at their mistakes and try to better them so that they can have a higher grade. “Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone” ( Students are at risk of dropping out of school and or quitting because the stress of grades can get out of hand, but retesting it shines a faint light of chance to correct their mistakes and maybe stop a student from outright quitting.

The fact that not every student is on the same level of averages or efficiency as other students are understandable. But the retest rule lets those different students be able to not so intensely reflect themselves off of other grades. It allows them to rework their mistakes and focus on a subject that maybe they just couldn’t get in time, making it a great rule to promote learning and grades.