Couple Finds Baby at Subway Station

Couple Finds Baby at Subway Station

Social worker, Danny Stuart, one evening was on his way to meet his partner, Pete Mercurio for dinner in Manhatten when he noticed a bundle tucked up against the wall in the 14th street Subway station.

He at first thought it was a baby doll, but then by his surprise, it was a newborn baby wrapped in a sweatshirt.

He then tried to get the attention of a passerby for help, but nobody would help so he used a payphone to call the police.

The baby was then put in the hospital in case of injury.

While, a day later, Danny tried to go and visit the baby in the hospital, but was told that only family was allowed, and then didn’t see the baby for about 12 weeks. 

Later on, Danny was contacted by child services and asked to be present at the court hearing.

Where he was then asked if he wanted to adopt the newborn by his surprise, in which he then said yes and called Pete, with his initial response being no because he didn’t believe they had the right resources to raise a child at that point in time.

With, the couple, later on, deciding that they wanted to raise this baby, feeling as if they were, “given a gift”, like finding this baby was, “meant to be”.

They now raise this child, and are one happy family, giving him the name Kevin.