How to understand the 12 Houses in a Birth chart



(Note: This article reflects the views of Karalyn Brown only and does not reflect the views of the entire Staff) 


Today I am continuing my article series on How to read and interpret Birth charts. If you want to know more on Birth charts or planets in general you can read the other articles that explain everything you need to know. Previously where we last left off, you discovered your birth chart and listed off the zodiac signs ,planets ,houses and degrees on some paper or kept it somewhere to use for reference.

Today we are learning about the 12 Houses and how to interpret them within a Birth chart.

What are the 12 Houses and How to interpret  their traits 

The 12 Houses are an important part of understanding astrology  for instance anyone can be an Aries but  depending on what House the zodiac sign  is located determines the difference in personality or behavior. 

Example: Aries in the 10 House might mean they are passionate about career or long term goals but having Aries in the 4 House means they might have a stronger connection to their family 


Below is a diagram on what each house represents 


What is an Empty house and how to interpret them?

You may realize you do not have all 12 and that is okay this would be considered an ‘empty’ house which means that there are no natal planets located in that house. There are only 10 planets in astrology while there are 12 houses, so every person has at least 2 empty houses (it’s usually 3-5). This doesn’t mean the energy of that house isn’t present in your life or that the particular alignment of the planets won’t  EVER affect you. It just means it’s not the main focus of your chart

More articles to come when understanding the fundamentals of  a Birth chart in Astrology and Maybe even an article on Crystals.